succession planning

At Trove, we believe succession planning should be a part of every organization’s strategy and vision for the future.

Succession planning is a process by which an organization recruits and develops employees to fill each key role within the organization. Through the succession process companies identify, retain and develop top-tier performers thus creating a succession of leadership within the organization. Through succession development, Trove helps companies to hire superior employees and develop benchmarks to assist in targeting the best fit for a new hire and for each position.

At Trove, the goal is to identify and develop core leadership within an organization and establish a path of leadership that flows seamlessly through the organizational structure. We combine expertise in both the psychological and corporate environment to generate insightful assessments relative to leadership development and succession planning.

Costly mistakes occur, both to the individual employee and to the organization, when the employee is over or under equipped in their current assignment, and potentially placed into increasing levels of responsibility. Without the accompanying skill set requirements to produce success, productivity is lost and turnover is great.

The succession process of developing employees and leadership requires mentoring, coaching, team building, training, and job rotation to replace key leadership from within the organization. It requires an understanding of the developmental and communication needs of employees, as well as modeling, teaching and developing leadership skills.

Trove’s approach to succession planning helps organizations to quantifiably and systemically evaluate and track their talent pools with an eye on future leadership potential. We bring clarity and consensus to an executive task that is often fraught with conflict, favoritism, advocacy and bias. Instead, we utilize reliable assessment, reflective discussion and informed, pre-planned decision making.

We address the variables to ensure that key positions have the back up needed for a future of organizational stability. Throughout organizational activities such as maturation transitions, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, promotions and/or transfers, or changes in the cultural, environmental, or political landscape, Trove will be your company’s trusted advisor and counsel in making intelligent human capital decisions.