Daniel Aytes
Executive Coach

Daniel received coaching certification through Creative Results Management and has his ACC credential with the International Coach Federation. He is a credentialed executive coach, life coach, and speaker. Daniel coaches high achievers and organizations through transitions by focusing on personal and professional development.

As an Executive Coach with Trove Inc. and the VP of International Operations for Trove Global Impact Foundation, the non-profit arm of Trove Inc., Daniel has over a decade of leadership experience working with non-profit organizations and individuals, helping them to discover and live out their core identity and uniqueness and to fulfill their life purpose with vitality.

Daniel helps his clients close the gaps in their emotional intelligence soft-skills, causing them to rise to the top in their spheres of influence and work. His coaching clients are more hire-able, promote-able, self-confident, resilient, and successful in their leadership and jobs.

Daniel is also a provider of the PAIRIN SURVEY for East Asia and Europe and has been mentored by Dr. Ron Young since 2008.

During his 15 years in Asia, Daniel overcame extreme adversity that led to clinical depression. He brings the freedom and wholeness he has experienced to everyone he works with, using personal and professional development coaching to help them find joy in the midst of the challenges and adversities they face.

Daniel currently lives in Tennessee with his wife, Rachel, and their four young daughters. They will be moving to Switzerland in the summer of 2019.