Dr. Erika Schmidt

Executive Coach

As a coach, Dr. Erika Schmidt’s mission is to improve the emotional health of her clients.  Her highly successful career of 21-years in education ended abruptly with the untimely death of her husband. Drawing on extensive research and her personal resilience, she began to rebuild the emotional, spiritual, and psychological foundations of her life. This experience brought strength to her journey. The combination of her educational experience and coaching acumen brings vitality to coaching clients!

Dr. Schmidt holds a doctorate in education. With a peer-reviewed published dissertation in collaboration and leadership development, Dr. Schmidt is well versed in effective techniques to empower leaders to meet the demands of an ever-changing work force.

Today, she is passionate about helping others to gain traction and to build a meaningful and productive professional and personal life.  She provides coaching and training to support lasting wellbeing and effective leadership.

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