Renee Hutcherson Lucier

Executive Coach

Renee brings over 25 years of diverse corporate experiences to her position as Executive Coach with Trove, Inc., including managerial, sales, marketing, administrative, customer service and consulting. She has built her professional career encouraging and mentoring colleagues, uniting individuals to build stronger teams and business networks, researching and instituting more impactful solutions, resolving complex challenges with needed support systems, as well as reconciling interpersonal, intrapersonal and intragroup conflict. Renee distinguishes her holistic approach to coaching as aiding others in finding their unique purpose, defining and attaining career & life goals, unleashing personal power, improving key relationships, developing more effective communication, progressing victoriously through a myriad of challenges, as well as reinventing and perfecting their distinct philosophy.

Experiencing quite a number of challenges within her personal and professional life, Renee has found the ability to persevere, while maintaining joy, exemplifying dignity, developing hyper focus and living present in each moment. Because of this, she has a name synonymous with courage, intelligence, tenacity, resilience and determination with those who know her well. Renee has developed an encouraging voice that speaks to the truth that all things are possible. She is a beacon of light to those looking for their own, using her ears, her heart and her passion for others to guide them to find their true essence, to more than simply exist and to live what they know to be true within their core being. You definitely want to hear her insight and be guided by her exceptional skill.

One of Atlanta Creative Loafing’s 20 People to Watch in 2015 says “Renee is an amazing mother, a fearless leader, a loving humanitarian, a brilliant person [and] one of the greatest truths to overcoming obstacles and triumphing over tribulations that I’ve ever heard of in my life…”

Renee is a Certified Professional Coach, credentialed though the Center for Coaching Certification. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration Finance from DeVry University. She is currently a member of the International Coach Federation, National Association for Female Executives, Technology Association of Georgia and National Speakers Association. She volunteers at My Sister’s House and serves wherever children, women and families are benefited. Renee enjoys travelling around the world, getting up close and personal with all people, as well as nurturing her love of the outdoors. She enjoys running, yachting, reading, writing, listening to music of all types and spending time with family and friends. Renee is the proud mother of one daughter, 21, and twin sons, 19.

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