Ronald C. Young, PhD

CEO & President

With 20 plus years of experience as an executive coach and trusted advisor, Ron is a unique and highly sought-after practitioner of measurement and leadership development services. Ron is recognized for his ability to help executives understand context and maximize contribution, while maintaining a healthy balance of life.

Ron has achieved success as a management consultant and executive coach, principal and executive counsel for a premier executive learning organization, founder and president of a thriving outpatient psychology practice, and senior vice president of organizational development for a private, for-profit corporation. In these roles, Ron equipped executives and teams for maximum performance and fulfillment.

Ron’s experience includes the design and implementation of customized, in-depth, integrated solutions for such companies as Cox Enterprises, Manheim Auto Auctions, Dent Wizard, The Bell Oaks Company, CNN, CIBA Vision, Chick-fil-A, APAC Customer Services, Home Banc Mortgage, Whirlpool, and The United States Air Force.

Leveraging a unique skill set, diverse experiences and existing resources, Ron provides executives with a confidential and objective source of advice and counsel on personal, professional and organizational issues. He guides them through discovery processes that increase personal effectiveness and contextual contribution. Executives describe immense value in thinking through personal and organizational agendas and strategies during periods of transition and challenge (job change, context change, or life change) with a neutral and knowledgeable coach. Additionally, Ron facilitates direction and planning for the succession of senior executives, and designs and implements assessment systems that ensure “right fit” for individuals, teams, and position classes.

Consider the impact of various individual and organizational issues on the bottom-line:
• soaring turnover rates due to poor leadership skills or the absence of a hiring system that is aligned with culture and strategies
• declining productivity and effectiveness of a proven veteran who is struggling with professional or personal issues, and its impact on the organization
• lack of organizational leadership because executives at every level
are not developed.

Ron understands the personal and organizational dynamics behind these common scenarios and knows how to intervene with effective styles and methods which result in a high return on your time and financial investment.

Download PDF Soft Skills: The Primary Prediction of Success in Academics, Career and Life.

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