Susan Simpson

Executive Coach

Susan Simpson’s diverse background and accomplishments lead many to consider her a relational and professional “bridge” in the process of change. While at Frito Lay, she created a new position bridging operations and marketing, unifying values, goals and perspectives for dramatic corporate returns. Later opportunities led her to startups and entrepreneurism, as well as non-profit work abroad, birthing her vision for coaching and people development.

Susan’s extensive worldwide travel, fluent Russian, and living abroad in an executive leadership position directing non-profit work across Russia, fuels her “open to the uncommon” perspective. Socially ambidextrous, she relates with individuals at all levels of business and is known as not only confident and determined, but compassionate, concerned and supportive.

Her coaching style expresses her passion for coming ‘alongside’ people on their journey to seek, discover and become who they were created to be, ultimately, helping others to do the same. Susan’s holistic insight into people inspires her clients toward change and encourages dramatic personal and professional discovery.

She holds a degree in Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Kansas State University. She graduated with academic honors, championships and records while captaining her NCAA Division I Basketball Team. Her coach training was through Coach University, and she is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Living between Colorado and Russia allows Susan to pursue her love of writing and music, cycling, horseback riding, and partnering with her husband in their seasonal artisan truffle business, The Chocolate Bordello. (