Wes Gay

Executive Coach


Wes  is a millennial leader who is passionate about helping leaders and teams be more productive and more creative. With extensive experience in the non-profit word, he understands the need for leaders to place a high value on resourcefulness and creativity. These skills are woven into his leadership style and coaching methods.

Wes desires to help make people smarter, and this desire is evident in the way he approaches coaching, consulting, training sessions, and keynote speeches. His goal is to lead the individual to be smarter than they were, and to show them practical action steps that will make them better. Through a wide range of experiences, he brings a unique perspective to his work.

His areas of insight include:

  • Millennial Leadership
  • Leading Millennials
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Leaders & Technology
  • Training Teams
  • Keynote Speeches

Wes is a Certified Professional Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification, and recently completed his Master’s Degree. He is currently preparing to pursue PhD work in the area of Leadership.

He lives with his wife, son, and protective dog in the Atlanta area. When he’s not working, he enjoys using his grill, making great coffee, and chasing his toddler around the house.