Change Implementation

Unfortunately, 70% of all change initiatives are unsuccessful (Harvard Business Review, June 2000). Change may include mergers and acquisitions or even start-up environments. The gap between success and failure is most often the result of strategies not being converted into thought and behavioral change. Trove is ahead of the field in identifying and developing behaviors that move organizations towards their desired outcome. In today’s global economy, organizations need to adapt and change quickly.

All of our work at Trove is customized and individualized, so we excel at rapidly challenging, reshaping and overcoming the thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of organizational change. Our change implementation coaching-consulting plans are proven to be successful.

Any large-scale change effort is characterized by chaos, intensity and anxiety. Frequently, underlying dynamics exist that promote insecurity and resistance to change. These dynamics can effectively dominate managerial and employee thinking. Change is thought and behavior dependent. It is as complex as the people who make it happen. If people are to change, they must learn to think differently and do things differently.

By utilizing sophisticated tools for measurement, interviews and comparative group reports, Trove can quickly gain insight into the underlying factors that can prevent or inhibit change. By identifying and addressing these roadblocks, we help streamline the flow of identified change and open the floodgates for new organizational synergies.