cultural design

The culture of your organization can either support your organizational strategy or work against it.

All companies have a subjective or invisible culture that influences success or failure. Additionally, organizations pass through developmental stages in much the same way people do. In fact, research shows that in today’s world, organizations commonly transition more quickly from one maturational stage to another, and sometimes in an overlapping fashion.

We help companies to understand that the culture and environment that is working today may not be the most optimal one 3-6-12 months from now. We then help formulate the road map for your company’s cultural growth and success. We use our proprietary assessment to begin this process of measuring the organizational “personality.”

Unfortunately, companies often wrongly assess their current maturation stage, or fail to assess it at all, resulting in lost productivity, momentum, and competitive advantage. Through extensive assessments and interviews, Trove will help your organization understand the dynamics of your present company culture, and will subsequently work with you to design a fluid model that allows your organization to smoothly adapt to changes in your corporate life cycle.