Effective Interviewing & Selection Process

If you have been a leader for any significant period of time, you have experienced times of defeat, setbacks, problems, and adversity when it comes to hiring the right people. Sometimes, leaders can begin to feel downright discouraged with their hiring track records and disappointing results. The good news is that with the right mindset, tools, and training these results can shift rather quickly.

It is said that hiring well is the foundational success of every organization. To that end, it is paramount for companies to employ powerful, interactive, competency-based behavioral interview techniques in order to assess each candidate properly for behaviors, values, and cultural fit. Accomplished leaders focus on a candidate’s past actions and behaviors, rather than subjective impressions that sometimes can be misleading.
Behavioral interviewing, when approached properly, reduces the chance of potential bias or discrimination, and is more fruitful in regards to job fit, has a higher productivity return, and is more legally defensible than traditional types of interviewing.

A study conducted by the Career Center at the University of Notre Dame (1986) stated that traditional interviewing methods are only ten percent (10%) predictive of future on-the-job behavior, where behavioral/competency based interviewing styles are fifty-five percent (55%) predictive of job performance.

Below are important keys to develop a comprehensive employee selection system:
⋅ Understand the selection process goals
⋅ Understand critical behaviors to accelerate performance metrics
⋅ Learn how to prepare for the interview and how to use a structured interview plan
⋅ Create a structured interview guide
⋅ Learn and develop interviewing skills and techniques to collect accurate behavioral data
⋅ Understand how to conduct an interview that meets legal guidelines and is legally defensible

As you begin to embrace these keys and remove roadblocks to your hiring success, you will begin to further develop your potential as a leader.

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