executive assessment

Trove’s unique combination of disarmingly simple, comprehensive and precise assessment instruments bring executive success.

With our world-class ability to evaluate successful leadership behaviors, we offer one of the most in-depth programs anywhere for placement, promotion, and executive development. Our skill is in looking beyond a candidate’s technical expertise or qualifications and focusing on often-overlooked traits such as leadership, cultural fit, growth potential and a host of other critical personality and behavioral dynamics necessary for success.

The amount of expense, time and effort devoted to hiring top executives can be staggering. Repeating this process over and over again can be crippling. As an age wave readies itself to swamp the economy, organizations must ready themselves for a huge challenge in the age distribution of the population and specifically, the labor force.
The ability to identify, recruit, or, bring up through the ranks, new executive leadership for your workforce is about to experience tremendous upheaval. You can utilize the finest executive search firms to select your candidates, conduct many interviews, and still not have it work out. Today, technical qualifications are not enough and the necessity for a quantifiable, highly reliable, swift and accurate process for hiring top executives is required. Any investment requires a good look under the hood and you should know in advance how that investment will perform under a variety of circumstances. Such things as:
How will this candidate lead, handle stress, communicate? How do they think, make decisions, and manage authority? What makes them tick? Trove can open the window and provide a solution to superior executive hiring. We incorporate superior assessment and interviewing, with an understanding and benchmarked knowledge of a company’s leadership culture and core values. By developing an understanding of a company’s success profile, Trove can match a candidate’s in-depth psychological profile to assure an accuracy of fit.

Trove provides a customized report for each candidate and makes recommendations based on a contender’s global ability to integrate and succeed in your organization. Trove will even coach the candidate to ensure successful integration and development.