executive coaching

Successful leaders are those who consistently strive and move towards becoming an ideal self versus settling for their current state, or, real self.

Trove partners with a leader-manager to assess and analyze the good, the bad, and even the ugly, of his/her leadership style on a number of personal, cognitive, perceptual, competitive and cultural attributes. Through clear and direct communication, and ultimately courage, the leader-manager gains increased knowledge as to his/her current behavioral patterns, and successfully navigates towards a more ideal self. Finally, our model culminates in greater personal achievement and awareness, as well as, in enhanced skills within relationships across people and groups.

Trove’s three-step coaching model includes:

1. Identifying the organizational imperatives, in essence what he/she needs to accomplish in order to achieve perceivable success.
2. Helping the leader map out the skills and behavioral characteristics necessary for maximum success at work.
3. Coaching on nine core competencies of leadership, five essentials of management, collaboration and cultural alignment. Our coaching programs are designed and customized to optimize impact on the organizational bottom line.