executive integration

Trove understands that today’s senior executives are expected to get up to speed quickly and deliver from the moment they step on board.

Our focus on Executive Integration is designed to accelerate the adjustment of executives in significant new roles and to reduce the failure rate when bringing in executives from the outside. The Trove process incorporates individual candidate assessment, development planning, executive coaching and structured feedback meetings with key stakeholders. The power of the Executive Integration process gets executives on track faster while increasing their understanding, commitment and value to the organization.

The excitement and promise of bringing on executives can quickly lose its energy while they find their way around, gain their focus and struggle to prioritize. New executives rarely have the benefit of knowing who the key players are, how they operate and what their agendas may be. All of these variables serve to slow an executive’s on boarding and frequently affects efficiency, morale, and the bottom line.

At Trove we estimate that between 30-40 percent of all new executive hires leave or are removed from their position within two years of their hire. The odds of this happening are not only high, but also costly in many areas, including:

    • Loss of money

    • Loss of time

    • Lost hope and emotional disruption

    • Loss of strategic focus

    • Dulling of competitive edge

    • Loss of market share

Typical assessment processes focus on an individual. But, the challenge is to determine how an executive is going to interact with the system he or she is expected to influence. At Trove we not only focus on whether a person has what it takes to succeed in an organization, but also whether the organization is ready to make the necessary adjustments that can most effectively help the executive to orchestrate change.

It is the subtle combination of an interaction with the organization that determines success. It is his/her Emotional Intelligence, technical skill and influence over cultural variables that lead to success. At Trove, we reduce the risk of failure and accelerate an executive’s climb to peak performance.