Get Up, Get Out, Get Going!

Obstacle:    /ˈäbstək(ə)l/   

An obstacle is a challenge, object, person, action, emotion, mindset, addiction, physical ailment, experience or situation that hinders the progress of achieving your goals. It can prevent you from becoming the person you were created to become. It is also referred to as a barrier, impediment, obstruction or stumbling block.

There are many different types of obstacles – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, economic, environmental, cultural, societal, racial, gender, financial, medical, political, technological, military and even combinations thereof.

Obstacles seem to be so vicious! They not only come in a plethora of different forms, but they can come in unexpected ways. These hindrances appear out of nowhere to block your pathway, prevent your progress and downright hinder even the slightest possibility of success. They can be opposing enough to restrict movement and seemingly constrict your very breath. These barriers are the culprits that discharge your emotions, scatter your rational abilities and render you utterly helpless: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Since stumbling blocks materialize for all of us, threatening our productivity and the impact of our movement through life and the potential legacy we will leave upon the Earth, learning about them creates incredible opportunities. Each person will experience difficulty in different ways. Adversity will show up for any number of reasons. Setbacks bring about a host of possible outcomes. At each occurrence, we must delve down to uncover what the stumbling block actually is. We must then search even deeper to fully understand how it was created and why it has come. I will tell you that there will always be a positive, loving lesson underneath every hardship you experience. I challenge you to be courageous, faithful and persistent in looking for the lesson. What has it come to teach you? Reveal to you? Move you away from or towards? And, how are you to use the power of its lesson going forward? These are questions that must be answered as you go through the discovery process. As tempting as it may be to just get through the season of struggle, in order to avoid the vicious cyclical nature that burdens bring, every answer must be discovered, examined and applied each time the opportunity presents itself.

Investigation involves asking yourself about the circumstances, responses, fears, feelings, intentions, disappointments, desires and/or expectations that enabled the perfect environment for birthing the predicament (which is truly an opportunity). What you discover will most assuredly aid you in gaining perspective into how best to acknowledge them. This is important because oftentimes obstacles that show up in our lives repeat themselves, if our response, perspective, intention, feelings and mindset toward them do not change. Thus, uncover the purpose for its occurrence in your life… by asking! Using words like, How, Why and For What Purpose, allows your consciousness to wrap itself around the certainty of discovering the answers. You will begin to see other moments in which the very same difficulty showed up in your life, even if it looked a little different, seemed to have a different cause, or was a force entirely different than the one you are currently dealing with. As surely as I write, difficulties that show up in your life can be completely obliterated, no matter how big or small.

The act of asking opens the eyes of your spirit and prepares you mentally, emotionally and spiritually to receive the answer you need. Asking readies you for acceptance and begins to prepare you for the action that must follow.

The book, “Get Up,  Get Out, Get Going!” by Renée Hutcherson Lucier, challenges how you approach adversity and the recurring obstacles which confront you in your life by equipping you with bonafide tools that strengthen you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This guide reveals a magnificent artillery to use to defeat debilitating emotions, squash ill-serving behaviors, redirect negative thoughts and mute disabling self-talk, which is often much harder to battle. After reading it, you will have a whole new perspective on adversity, a totally different response to it and a more fulfilling promise to release into the world because of it.

Renée peels back incredible layers to convey how traumatic events within her own life resulted in her becoming penniless and losing everything. For four years, she slept on a “borrowed bed,” fighting her obsession with wallowing in rage, self-pity, blame and other destructive energies. Today, Renée reveals how she finally let go and manifested her rise. She details how to empower yourself in each area of your being so you move beyond your impossible circumstances to find meaning and joy as she has. Through this book, Renée helps us to effectuate our own healing so we move through difficulties and bring about a life we love that leaves an impact of Love. Download Renée’s full bio

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