High-potential development

At Trove, we turn potential into performance. We understand high potential managers are the key to an organization’s successful future. While talented leadership may be a company’s greatest competitive advantage, many companies fail to capture the full potential of their talented leaders, which sometimes are the young emerging leaders.

Instead of targeted development, many future executives are left drowning with too much demand, too little support and not enough focused development. Companies frequently allow their best talent to linger, stagnate, and catch the “next train to a better opportunity.” Our high-potential coaching program is our most popular because it is economical and gets coaching to the lower levels of an organization, building support for on-going work.

Converting a potential leader’s ability into a reality is the goal of Trove’s High-Potential Development coaching. We excel at identifying high-potential managers, matching their potential with the right opportunity, enhancing their learning, and aligning their goals with an organization’s priorities. We understand that even the most capable managers require preparation to succeed at senior levels in organizations. We assess the current strengths and weaknesses and then anticipate how those capacities will be tested at the next levels. This comprehensive analysis enables us to identify the development experiences most likely to prepare the individual for future career challenges.

Simply put, Trove customizes high potential development through insight and application that will prepare managers for the most challenging roles in your organization.