Our Approach

Every company runs at a percentage of optimal.

Personalities, politics, lack of planning and personal agendas can wreak havoc on workflow, productivity and morale. Ultimately, we all know how this translates to the bottom line.

Trove, Inc., as a company, exists to fine-tune your business and grow your results. Our objective is on focusing your business to excel and perform at 100%.

When it comes right down to it, your company is made of people. Individual team members bring more to the table than just their expertise. They demonstrate their own dynamic set of working styles. They bring their own feelings about their roles. They have their own agendas, both good and questionable. Most importantly, they interact with every person in your organization in a unique way.

Through interviews, distinctive assessments and a wide variety of services, Trove identifies your strengths, shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. We help you improve, not just from a numbers perspective or a one-size-fits-all approach. We address outcome as “king.” Simply, we overlay a template of discovery that includes these components of your organization:

  • Tactical, technical and hard skills
  • Emotional, stress behaviors and human interactions
  • Situational characteristics, culture and internal and external implications

Utilizing decades of experience to apply the right tools and techniques for your company, Trove will maximize the potential of your partners, employees and even prospective hires. And in the process, we will become partners who will not only identify opportunities for improvement, but also develop and execute the solutions to them.

Welcome to Trove, where insight is mined and applied.