selection, deployment, top grading

Trove takes the talent selection process to a new level. Utilizing our proprietary, extremely flexible and customizable assessment instrument, Trove works with organizations to identify and develop key success factors for a targeted hiring profile.

These success indicators are then used to develop a specific and measurable assessment process for hiring. Our assessment, the T-MAP, boasting high performance reliability, determines the prospective candidate’s “match” for the selected position against the hiring profile and an internally developed benchmark group.

The Trove T-MAP assessment tool and its application to hiring, is a powerful application that can be similarly customized and used for retention analyses and talent realignment/redeployment initiatives. The assessment process takes minimal time for candidate completion, and the summary reports can be customized to provide as much or as little data and narrative as the client requires.

Reports generated from this pre-hiring process can also be used to on-board new hires in to the organization through coaching. Trove’s approach to Selection, Deploying, and Top Grading is a cost effective and highly reliable approach to hiring at all levels of an organization.