The Trove Leadership Report is a unique set of new corporate offerings based on a 60 year old assessment with an unparalleled foundation of proven success.

It has been rigorously reviewed by expert psychometricians for decades. It is translated into 22 different languages so the research supporting its effectiveness is international in scope.

Our assessment is deceptively simple. This simplicity lies in the fact that it only requires an 8th grade reading level, is non-threatening, and takes about 15 minutes to complete online. It is deceptive because it provides a wealth of information that has both breadth and depth. Our state-of-the-art, proprietary, statistical program “mines data” from the assessment results with thoroughness and blazing speed. It allows us to pose complex questions and analyze the data with much greater efficiency and accuracy than our competitors. This statistical package is a powerfully distinguishing factor, which takes a superior assessment tool beyond the reach of any other process in existence today.

Not only does our report provide data for six global factors and 37 scales of human behavior, it also provides measures of emotional intelligence and brain dominance or thinking styles. The information from this 15 minute online assessment can be used to identify degree of fit for a position, leadership potential, areas of potential concern, and recommended areas for deeper probing during interviews and reference checks.

An added benefit to our clients is the development of a customized and branded “Selection Process” which will be created based on our extensive data correlating a new generation assessment with the established and proven one. By adding content specific to our clients’ organizational factors, we create an exclusive, proprietary targeted selection tool that selects for factors and characteristics uniquely aligned with the desired organizational culture. Our process will deliver results more economically, more efficiently, and with greater effectiveness than existing and competing instruments.