team effectiveness

We equate corporate team dynamics to “employees playing well together in the sandbox.”

Too many times organizational units operate in business silos with a reluctance or resistance to sharing valuable information. While the individual unit may believe they are contributing to productive results, the reality is disjointed communication resulting in a lack of synergy, focus, and operational harmony. We find that this can occur both within small cross-functional agendas (such as executive team meetings), as well as on broader team scales. At Trove the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We examine within group sessions and retreats such things as: synergy, interdependence, communication, operating principles and much, much more.

To help organizations enhance their focus and efficiency, Trove provides internal assessments as well as facilitation to ensure that your organization is maximizing its communication and relationship channels. We guide leaders towards building and reshaping their teams by working with individuals and the team as a whole.

In addition to helping an organization identify top players, Trove aligns your team with the strategic requirements for organizational success. If you are tackling a significant change initiative, integrating a new acquisition, restructuring or reshaping your team, Trove can provide the insight it takes to get you to the next level. We deliver through coaching and a hybrid of groups coaching and team training in a multitude of delivery mechanisms and styles. Our delivery of team concepts can occur three ways:

    1. One on one coaching (concepts are used in the sessions to better reach team dynamic understanding)

    2. Intact team group coaching

    3. Training and Off-site